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Texas Best RV Rentals - RV Owner's earn by renting RVDo you own an RV and want to earn extra money for your own adventures or payback your loan faster? Here are answers to the main questions for any RV owner concerning Texas Best RV Rentals Consigned Rental Program. For more information please contact me directly by email at info@texasbestrvrentals.com, or by phone at 512-887-8689 (512-88RV-N-TX)

What is the RV Owner Rental Program?

Want to make money with your RV, trailer, motor home or thinking about purchasing an RV and want to offset the costs? We rent RVs owned by individual people like you. Our rental program allows you to make money renting your unit, yet still use it anytime you want. We’re sure you have a lot of questions so let’s answer some of the most frequently asked:

How does it work?

Texas Best RV Rentals takes care of everything regarding the rental and shares the rental income 50/50 each. That means if a rental is for $1600, then you get $800, we earn the other half. Our responsibilities are to advertise your RV, book rentals, do routine maintenance, verify insurance, collect the rental fees, and instruct renters on how to use the coaches. We also clean your RV after each rental, and store your RV when they are not in use, plus much more (like advise you on new products or helpful maintenance requirements to preserve the value or your RV).

What are the benefits for me as an RV owner?

  • As an RV owner you can earn up to $15,000 per year renting your RV
  • Your RV is covered with our industry-first $1 million liability insurance policy
  • We bring you qualified renters with profiles and reviews
  • Flexibility to set your availability calendar – You choose when you want to use your RV first, then Texas Best RV Rentals will book it around your schedule
  • We make direct payments to your bank account (coming soon)
  • You will be provided with first-class customer service
  • We provide and allow your renters to purchase comprehensive Roadside Assistance

Who rents RVs?

We have found there are primarily 3 types of renters.

First, there are people who want to rent the best coach they can. They want clean, well-maintained motor homes and will look until they find one that meets their standards.

Second are renters that want or need specific types of coaches, A or C, or travel trailers and toy haulers.

The third main group of renters are those who are looking for the best deal they can get. Mostly, people who are “try before you buy” renting, or people who only use a RV once or twice a year and renting is more economical than owning.

How much can you make in a year?

While the amount you make will vary with the type and age of your unit, experience has shown us you can make over $15,000 in one year. We cannot guarantee any income, but it will likely reduce loan payments, insurance, and even your cost of using the unit.

How is maintenance handled and on what schedule?

We firmly believe in regular maintenance and that is one of my major goals in renting motor homes for individual owners. We maintain a rigid schedule for all maintenance needs, including cleaning. These charges are split just like the rental income amounts.

When can your use your motorhome?

You can use your RV whenever you want — it is yours! The only caveat is that it hasn’t been reserved by a renter. We manage an easy-to-use availability calendar so you can “book it” in advance to ensure it’s available every time you want to use it.

How long can I rent my motorhome for?

Most people want newer motor homes which is why we charge more for the newer models. If renters had a choice between a 1999 model and a 2005 model they will choose the newer one. That does not mean you cannot still rent the older one, you simply discount it to a rate that makes it more appealing.

How is my RV insured?

This is the easiest question to answer. While the insurance business is complicated, we simplify it for you.

All trailers are covered by a commercial policy while in our possession and while it is being rented.  The cost for this policy is a bit more expensive than your traditional policy, but it ensures you full coverage against damage or injuries from a renter.

Accidents will happen, be prepared. Renters will bump into things, other vehicles will bump into them, they may scrape the roof on branches, have rocks break the windshield, blow out tires, etc. But rest assured, any and all damage cause during a rental will be fixed at the cost of the renter. If the cost of the damage exceeds the retained deposit amount, an Insurance claim will be filed so that your RV remains in the same condition as when you gave it to us.

If you have questions about the program, you may submit an inquiry below or email us at info@TexasBestRVRentals.com.  Please leave a valid phone number.  Many replies end up in spam and are never received.  We do respond to ALL inquiries.

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