Let’s Go to Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach TexasLuckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach is part of the Texas Hill Country.  It is located 50 miles north of San Antonio and 69 miles west of Austin.  The unincorporated German town has some history and folklore that helped to put it on the map. A dance hall and a general store are the remnants of the town.  The slogan for the town is “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach.”

In 1973, Jerry Jeff Walker recorded Viva Terlingua at the dancehall.  Then, in 1977, Waylon Jennings featuring Willie Nelson recorded Luckenbach Texas. Willie Nelson held his 4th of July Picnic in Luckenbach from 1996-1999 (which, from personal experience, was an experience of a lifetime.)

So, the next time you are traveling through the Texas Hill Country, stop at the general store in Luckenbach or see a country show at the dance hall.  Don’t just drive past the little blink of history…stop and experience it.

The Luckenbach Dance Hall

The dancehall is always happening.  Take a peak at the website and sneak in a show if you are heading in that direction.  Luckenbach, Texas 

Then, take a listen to the song dedicated to the town by the original Outlaw.

Or, view on YouTube.

AppSheet Review – Great App to keep procedures in place


AppSheet software enabled me to create an application for check out / check in procedures for my business.

The application is a great tool for checking out and checking in rental vehicles and ensuring that and every detail is covered.

It won’t allow a renter to exit the procedure without answering all of the required answers. It allows for pictures so that I always have before and after shots which protects my company and the renter. I use AppSheet for multiple purposes. Besides check-out/check-ins, I use it as well to keep quality control on procedures. By using the app, I make sure that all of my fleet is cared for and maintained in accordance with procedures, therefore putting safety as a priority.

Source: AppSheet Review – Great App for Detailed Check-out/Check-in’s on Rental Vehicles by Alison R. November 22, 2016

What does Integrity have in common with RV Rentals?

Integrity is a golden rule to us.
It’s not always about the bottom line.     Sometimes doing the right thing             trumps everything else.

The Who & Why Behind Texas Best RV Rentals


Welcome to Texas Best RV Rentals.  Let me tell you a little bit about our “little” company and why “little” isn’t always a bad thing.


My name is Alison Rogers. I am the co-founder of Texas Best RV Rentals. My partner in this venture is my ex-husband Rance Rogers. Yes, I said EX-husband. We have been designated “EXES” for almost 13 years now. Are we crazy for going into business together? We won’t rule it out, but the last 13 years have proven that even if we are crazy, our bond that we share because of our son, our friendship, our respect for not only each other, but for people in general, and our honesty and integrity outweigh absolutely everything else.


Our hopes and visions for this company are clear. We want to leave a legacy for our son that he can be proud of and honored to receive. To do this, we must run our business with a core set of values that cannot be compromised for any reason.


The mere fact that, after 13 years of divorce, we decided to start a business together, should, in and of itself,  shout volumes to the integrity that we will bring to our business because we have supported each other through hard times, celebrated good times, and most of all, put the needs of our now teenage son first. If we can set aside our differences after ending a marriage and treat each other with respect, I have no doubts that this will shine through to our RV renters and RV owners alike.


Our goals are pretty simple.

Texas Best RV Rentals goal is to offer the public affordable RV rentals as well as high-end luxury rentals and to do so with unsurpassed customer service and honesty to both renters and owners who consign their RVs in our fleet. Our goal is to keep rentals affordable to families so that vacations remain a constant tradition (but in RV style, of course), but to also maximize profits to RV owners who entrust, in our care, their valuable RVs. By keeping these units safe, maintained, and up-to-date, while keeping costs as low as possible; we not only ensure that our renters are safe and happy, but that our owners are worry free, both regarding their RVs and their expenses surrounding those units.


Our superior service will cater to both our RV renters and our RV owners. As we know, they are both mutually necessary to be successful and to ensure that a smile is kept on everyone’s faces as often as humanly possible.


It’s no secret that we are a brand new company.

We are building our inventory. It’s a process, but as our reputation grows, so will everything else. And, despite the non-believers, it is a business I know well.  You can’t spend 18-20 hours a day working and not know a thing or plenty. We do not aim to be the Goliath of the industry. After all, as the saying goes “Always remember……..Goliath was a 40 point favorite over David”, Ralph Jordan, “….but remember–David did win”, David B Haight. Our aim is BETTER, NOT BIGGER! And, I can guarantee that we will ALWAYS be fair and honest.


While we know that we cannot please everyone all of the time, we will make every attempt to make any wrongs right and we will always be honest and upfront with our renters and owners. We’ve all seen what happens when integrity is lost and at Texas Best RV Rentals we will always hold our heads high knowing that we will always have honesty and trust as our foundation.


In the end it all boils down to the following: Grow at a stride that doesn’t outpace our abilities, always remain family oriented – both within the organization and with our consumers and owners, always remain affordable, and encourage repeat business through exceptional customer service.


With that being said, I am ready to hit the ground running. I may do a whole LOT of running at first or maybe always. I’m ready! With the occasional reminder to myself “David DID win,” I will be ready for anything that comes my way!


Who’s with us?


-Texas Best RV Rentals